Cruising the Loop

This is America’s Great Loop. It may well be North America’s best kept boating secret. It is a 5,600 (plus) mile boating adventure around the easter portion of the United States.

The ‘greatest’ news about this “Great Loop” is that you can do it, safely & comfotably, in your very own boat.

This voyage is not only amazing, it is amazingly safe. It is your opportunity to get up, get out, and take your own boat to, through and along 22 U.S. States (or more) with the option of cruising through 2 Canadian Provinces. . . and you can do it all without ever having to make a U-turn.

For a ‘safe boater’ in a ‘safe suitable boat’ this is a fabulous journey of exploration & discovery. It is voyage filled with exciting memorable moments. It is also your opportunities to stop, see and visit many of America’s most popular, famous, historic and legendary places.