America's Great Loop

So. . . Just what is “America’s Great Loop?

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Imagine. . . Spending 6 months to a year, or longer, living and cruising on your own boat for more then 5,600 miles through 25 States, on the safest most scenic waterway in the world.

The Great Loop offers you a protected and navigable waterway that takes you as close to the North Pole as it does the Equator, and connects you to over 24,000 miles of Inland waterways in America’s Heartland. It is boating in your own boat to destinations you never dreamed possible to reach in your very own boat.

From Canada to the Caribbean, from the Mississippi to Manhattan, your Great Loop voyage promises to be the adventure of your lifetime.

Whether you are rich & famous, or frugal as a freeloader, we dispel the myths and reveal the truths to help you make this voyage a reality.

– Capt John