America's Great Loop - it is an epic adventure:

Great voyages deserve great stories and every Looper has one!
In the history of the world few figures have been more envied, more fascinating, or more captivating than the explorer with a boat.
Whether you wear a Ballcap, Panama hat or Pith helmet, you will be the explorer on this epic boating adventure. Averaging 2,000-miles
longer than the navigable Amazon and Nile rivers, America’s Great Loop is not only epic; it is the ultimate voyage of freedom, discovery
and achievement.
While the average Looper cruises very near 6,000-miles, many Loopers report cruising closer to 7,000-miles and a few have reported
making side-trips and cruising over 8,000-miles. In fact, depending on your route and the side trips you can make, your Great Loop
voyage could exceed the distance of Columbus’ first voyage discovering America. Now that’s epic!
While most Loopers spend very near a year on this adventure. Cruising America’s Great Loop averages cruising approximately 140
days at an average distance of only 40-miles per day. It really is that simple and easy. If you think of this 5,429-mile adventure in terms
of 140 ‘travel days’ cruising near 10-miles per hour averaging 40-miles a day; it puts the voyage and the route itself into a very
manageable perspective.
Obviously, the adventure includes many more nights spent living on your boat and days spent sightseeing and being a tourist. These
nights and days we are not actually cruising are spent with our boat safely docked in a marina or on the hook in a safe anchorage. With
few exceptions, that choice will be yours.    
While many of us have had dreams of sailing off into the sunset. It takes a special kind of person to board a vessel and sail off into the
sunset far away from loved ones where the closest human may often be an astronaut in the Space Station.  
Whether you will be wearing a Ball cap, Panama hat or a Pith helmet, there is no doubt, you are the explorer on this epic adventure.

For the Looper, this adventure is 5,429-miles of friendly, safe, scenic and sensational cruising. That is assuming you do not take any
lengthy detours or side-trips. Unlike the ocean, it is close to land, home, family and friends, as well as hospitals, rental cars, airports,
restaurants, tourist attractions and entertainment. Seldom  are you without cellphone service, Internet, WiFi or air digital TV.
For those that seek a boating adventure, America's Great Loop will capture your heart and fill your mind with cherished memories.
This is an epic journey worthy of your epic memoir. It's where the grass is greener and the waters bluer. Destined to be the adventure
of your life time.
America's Great Loop is beyond doubt the ultimate boating adventure and the very safest long distance voyage on the planet. If you are a
safe boater with a safe, suitable, seaworthy vessel, you can do this! It is not magic. It is not rocket science. It is safe, common sense boating,
and it is one day at a time. Following in Capt. John's wake along the main route, you will also discover for yourself, how easy this voyage really is.
If you take a little time to actually 'look' at the pictures on this website, you will see, they all tell a story. Notice, how close the shore line is, how
narrow some of the channels are. Notice the other boats, at anchor and in the marinas. We're not crossing oceans here. In fact, with only a few
day long exceptions, we are almost never more than a few hours to the next marina. Furthermore, we're most likely never more than 30-minutes
from a Coast Guard emergency response.
While we've never had to put that to a test, we normally see a Coast Guard response vessel every day. Seldom are they far away.
It also doesn't matter how big, medium or small your boat and budget might be, most anyone can make this voyage safely, comfortably and  
confidently on an affordable budget. You don't need a ton of experience, a big expensive boat or a boat load of money.  All you need: is enough
of everything to be a good safe boater, in a good safe seaworthy boat, with a large enough 'Cruising Kitty' to cover your "boat related" costs and
have plenty of fun being a tourist on shore along the way. We highly recommend everyone plan on at least the very best part of 10-months to
make this voyage. While it can be quicker, we certainly don't recommend it, unless of course, you plan to do it again.
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1.  We're not kidding ourselves here: It's free!
Our "Best Seller" is Encouragement . . . And it's free! Our goal is to 'spread the word' about this bucket list adventure. We also
want to encourage you to cruise it. And yes! We have the best Great Loop cruising guide on the market and we'd love for you to buy
it. But, we also don't want you to waste your money. So, the purpose of this website is to give you all the information you need and
want about America's Great Loop, so you can make a smart well informed decision about whether or not cruising it is for you.

If cruising the Loop is in your future, then "The Looper's Companion Guide" is a must have!
Not only is it the most current, it is the most complete guide to cruising the Loop ever assembled. It contains an extremely easy to
follow map with every single "travel day's distance, fuel range, mile markers, way-points, bridge heights, controlled draft, free docks,
safe anchorages and best clean, people & pet friendly marinas.
Our guide is a "follow us" guide. The advantage? We were at most locations many times before, but most importantly, we were  
actually there in 2018. We don't "feature or recommend" a Marina because they purchased advertising from us. We recommend a
Marina because we were there and would stop there again.
We call it our "BABY BOOMER & BOATER" syndrome. Here's what is does for you:  
We are Baby Boomers & Boaters, not marathon runners. Most of us no longer want to "walk a mile for a camel" when we can ride the
camel. So, we recommend Marinas that offer Courtesy Cars & free Shuttles. We recommend marinas with on site or nearby
restaurants. We also give preference to marinas that are both people & pet friendly. Additionally, since we are all (but two of us)
retired seniors, we look for marinas that are going to give us the best experience for our hard earned and long saved dollars. Only in
three locations on this entire voyage do we recommend a "Yacht Club", and even those come with additional nearby more affordable
"The Looper's Companion Guide", due to it's 8.5 x 11 size and over 100-full color maps & photos, and resulting production cost, is
more expensive than we had hoped. It weighs 2-lbs! Still, we're not apologizing for the price as it can save a future Looper $200 to
$300 over the cost of buying a bundle of books & guides they will no longer need, since "The Looper's Companion Guide" along with
your GPS Chart-plotter & navigational software, contains everything a Looper needs.
This guide is the result of experience! All of us have made this voyage at least twice. Capt. John who is the 'brain child' for the
guide, had made this voyage several times with a half-dozen books and cruising guides at the helm. Before long, he realized his own
notes were more accurate and dependable and easier to refer to, than finding the information he needed that was hidden somewhere
in one or another cruising guide. As a result, he created his own guide he referred to as "Looping by the numbers".
It numbers each travel day and destination. Then, each day lists that day's distance, fuel range, bridge heights, controlled depths,
known depth issues, way-points, safe anchorages, best marinas, best restaurants and all the favorite destinations. In addition,
regardless of speed or fuel range, Capt. John's guide has you at a free dock or wall, safe anchorage, good marina or favorite "stop,
shop, stay & linger" destination every single evening before dark.
Eleven of us made this exact voyage in 2018, and it just doesn't get any safer, any easier, any better than this. It is a compete guide
for the main part of the most popular route through Canada or the USA. It also gives the Looper optional detours as well as the top ten
most popular side-trips. Bottom line. . . This is an "all-in-one" guide and the only guide we know of, specifically dedicated to cruising
America's Great Loop.   
So, there you have it. You simply won't find any place on the Internet that gives you as much useful information as we do.  

2.  It's "practical". . . That's because we are practical. This website is not about panache. While far too many would have you
believe this voyage is only for the rich & famous, we know better and offer proof of same. We cruise in safe, suitable, seaworthy,
comfortable and humble vessels on realistic, practical and affordable budgets. Some more than others, but the others among us are
slowly coming around. For the most part, we all subscribe to Capt. John's "More Fun than Fuel" philosophy. We are frugal to the point
of getting the biggest bang for our bucks.   

3.  We have the experience!  Our little Super-Loopers group has "been there and done that" in many different vessels both
sail & power, single & twin engine(s), fast & slow vessels - all ranging in size from 25' to 48-feet. As a result, we are able to give you
impartial and practical pros & cons on various types and size vessels.

4.  "More fun than fuel" That's Capt. John's boating philosophy, and its origin is probably not what one would think. Fact is, this
boating, or we should say, "Looping" philosophy is actually Capt. John's way of warning us all. The warning stems from Capt. John's
Looping expenses. While most of us spend the majority of time trying to determine and set a "boat, fuel & marina and boat related"
budget for this voyage; Capt. John has been warning everyone for more than 25-years, that our "food, beverage, on shore having fun,
eating out and being a tourist expenses" will be greater than our "boat related" expenses.
That was recently confirmed by AGLCA, whose members reported such expenses were the #1 expense, followed closely by Marina
fees #2, and fuel expenses being #3 on their list.
While Capt. John hasn't revealed his on shore, eating out and being a tourist expenses, we know from our 2018 voyage, he doesn't
eat PB&J sandwiches. He also 'never' eats at a fast food restaurant. His "More fun than Fuel" philosophy includes "eat to live on the
boat. Live to eat when ashore." He also says if he is going to consume the calories, they each and everyone are going to be delicious.
That's why he doesn't eat at chain fast food restaurants.
The point being however, this voyage is 140-travel days to over 100-amazing destinations. Most all of which offer tempting places to
eat, visit and spend money. So, as Capt. John's philosophy connotes, make sure you don't end up pouring all your "fun money" down
your fuel tank(s) to get home. You will want plenty of fun money!

5. Most importantly, we are here to help! - We are here to help you learn and discover everything you need to know about this
voyage. Far beyond the selling of a book, we want you to cruise the Loop, but only if you can do it safely. Even the safest voyage can
be extremely dangerous if attempted in an unsafe boat. Or in one that is not well maintained and kept in ship shape. All of which,
requires having a well balanced budget that includes taking care of any emergencies that might arise. So, bottom line, make sure you
can make this voyage safely.

how far
you can go. Whether it be on a big, medium or small boat on a big, medium or small budget; this promises to be the adventure
of your lifetime.
::   Whatever you do, make sure you do this while you still have your good health!  ::