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How many boaters have actually cruised the Great Loop? And who are
     How many? I'm not sure anyone knows the answer to that. While some records are available, for
sure there are many that just slip through the Locks so to speak. Based on information from ACE
(Army Corp of Engineers) approximately 600 to 700 recreational boaters are passing "one way south"
through the Chicago Locks and the Corp of Engineers' Electronic Fish Barrier on the Illinois River
annually. They should know as they keep records and there is no other waterway route around this
area which is just below that 19' 1" fixed bridge "ALL Loopers" must go under.
    Based on feedback from our website and News Letter subscribers, we know that 'to date'; out of all
"our" subscribers, so far only 1 out of every 230 have indeed cruised the Great Loop so far. When we
add that to the AGLCA figures, and the ACE records, it appears very possible that 700 a year are now
making this journey.
    Obviously, we see "Loopers" along the way flying the AGLCA Burgee. Likewise, there are Loopers
that don't purchase the $40.00 Burgee and therefore don't fly it. And there are those that have no
idea. In fact, I ran across one guy that was flying it who hadn't done the Loop, wasn't planning on doing
the Loop, and said it came with the boat. So who knows who or how many?  For sure however, this
voyage is getting more popular each and every day.
boating to Nashville
boating the beautiful Waccamaw River on the ICW
Erie Canal on America's Great Loop
cruising past West Point
Nashville, TN
Hoppies Marina
on the Mississippi River
Welcome Center on the
Erie Canal
On the Atlantic ICW
West Point on the
Hudson River
Waccamaw River
Solomon Island
Lift Bridge on the
Atlantic ICW
Anchorage on the Atlantic ICW
St. Louis from the Mississippi River
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Enjoy the pictures...
Texas - Padre Island
thoughts on a dream boat
Who are "Loopers"?  While we can't
give you all their names, I can tell you
I've done it, my son's done it, and
we've done it both together in the
same boat as well as separately in our
own boats and we are currently in the
process of doing it again 'together' but
separately in our own boats.

Loopers come from all walks of life,
lifestyles, and financial backgrounds.
Some indeed cruising in dream boats.
Most however are cruising in the most
humble of boats. The largest we've
actually seen or met along the way to
make it under that 19' 1" bridge was a
62 foot sailboat with it's mast down.
We've also meet two Loopers in 48
foot trawlers. I've heard of someone
doing it in a 52' trawler and even in a
60 foot mini-yacht.                                                                      - Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -
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