This is the most professional, serious, useful and informative book on the
Great Loop I've ever read - and I think I've read them all.  - Ron M
Should be required reading for anyone planning on cruising the Great Loop. Thank you Capt. John for
this information and inspiration. I'm going to trade my gas guzzler in for a frugal boat and my wife and I
are going to cruise the Loop.
                  - Donald M., MA
Finally, someone has written a practical guide for cruising the Loop. I loved the Q&A portion, it answered all of my
questions and some. The book is extremely informative and very inspirational.
  - Mike
I loved your book Capt John. As a previous Looper, it is obvious to me your years of experience went into this book.
Great job! I will highly recommend your book to anyone contemplating this voyage..
- James Abbot
Your book was a great find for me. You reinstated my passion for cruising the loop. Thanks to you,  I know I can do this, and I plan
to do it as soon as I retire. I know there are plenty others like me that have read all those "Looper Blogs" and believe this is only for
the rich and famous. Thank you for confirming it can be done on a frugal budget.
   - Bill J., Savannah, GA
I bought your first book years ago. This one is much better. I'm now making plans to do it just
as you suggest - in a bit smaller more economical boat. You are a champion for those of us on
a budget. Thank you for rekindling my flame.
            Chuck C, SC
Thank you! Thanks to all of you that made Capt. John's
"Once Around Is Not Enough"
2016 BOOK of the YEAR!
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Great Loop book reviews
Thank you Capt. John. I first heard of your website from a friend and I purchased your book. I have to say we
never would have thought it possible without your help. Everyone else gave us the impression this was
totally out of our reach financially. Now, we are half way around the Loop, and it's all been exactly as you
said it would be.
 We especially are thankful for your "frugal" boat and boating suggestions. That's what
made the dream possible for us.     Ken and Linda, Beaumont, TX
Dear Capt. John,
Your book was especially good in preparing us for cruising the Loop and knowing what to expect all along the way. Like
you promised, it made all our Great Loop surprises "those of the most wonderful kind".  I thank you, my wife thanks you.
God bless,
- Jack & Joan W - Mobile, AL
Thank you!
       Twenty four years on the Internet, multiple trips around the Great Loop, and a few years spent on
extended 'side
trips' and detours off the main Great Loop route. Time sure flies when you're having fun!

       Over the years this website has accumulated over 4 million visitor' hits. Wow! I remember how excited I
was when the website counter reported 100 - then 1000, I was amazed when we had our 10,000th visitor. To
think now it has had over 4 million hits is simply astonishing! Of course, much of that is repeat visitors. It
normally takes 10 or more visits for someone to take it all in - but that still gives us about 350,00 unique
visitors. Spread that out over 24 years and without question, we are spreading the word about America's
Great Loop to around 15,000 new visitors a year - and was our intention.

While I have been busy encouraging others to discover America's Great Loop, an awful lot of 'others'
encouraging me to write this book.
       I'm thankful for their input and encouragement as well as their persistence (if not insistence). Many
have provided suggestions and questions that lead to much improvement and a great deal of included
information I simply took for granted or over looked in my first book.

       This of course, made my original Best Seller much better. This book is all about how 'you' can cruise
America's Great Loop - safely, comfortably - and on a very frugal budget
, if need be. It also includes a far
greater amount of 'details' that are not practical or of interest to those simply browsing a website.

       The purpose of this website is simply to inform and encourage. The purpose of the book is to fully
prepare you for actually cruising America's Great Loop. The goal with the book is to
insure that all the
unexpected 'surprises' you encounter cruising America's Great Loop - are of the very most fantastic &
pleasant kind.
In the book you get:
       You get the TOP 120 most important & essential FAQs answered.
       You get over 100 valuable cruising & live aboard tips along with some real money saving suggestions
for cruising the Great Loop.
       You also get all the best boat & best equipment recommendations.
       And of course, all the best route options and the best "stop & linger" destinations along the way.
       My hope & prayer is that God blesses, excites and energizes your life as you prepare and eventually
make this voyage. I want your "first" Loop to be every bit as safe, wonderful, carefree, stress free and fun as
my last three have been for me.                                                                                                - Once Around Is Not Enough -
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