cruising the ICW
cruising the Waccamaw River
Boating Baby Boomers
We are not the sedentary senior group of our parent’s
generation. We are not satisfied to spend our golden years on
Golden Pond, nor in a Silver-hair Assisted Living Condo, or
looking out the windows of a tour bus. No, not us. We have to
knock some pretty exciting things off our bucket list. We want
some real adventure.
Still, far too many keep putting off that “voyage of a lifetime”
for yet another year, because we simply assume we have
another year.
So we give up what may well be our last chance, to stay at
home and worry about the trivial, only to the neglect of the
most precious. We talk of getting through another week at
work. . . Forgetting we are wasting away the very moments
that comprise the rest of our life.
There are some of us that think (I guess) they will live
forever, or at least to a point their lives rival that of
Methuselah. They spend time and money as though they will
always have both. Incredibly, they are still buying “stuff”; flat-
screen TVs, computers, lawn tractors, new cars, and furniture,
all at a record pace, as though it matters, and worth the debt
and the stress.
They remain at their jobs, not because they need the
money, but because that’s who they have become. Some in
fact think if it were not for their job, they would be lost with
nothing to do. These poor misguided souls are more
committed to their jobs than to themselves, their freedom, and
their loved ones.
It's as though they have become that person whose name is
on their business card, and forgotten all the reasons they
applied for that job in the first place.
Now, I’ve said my peace, and I don’t really know how to
wrap this up. Except to say I went to the funeral of yet another
classmate not long ago, it was the fourth one already this
year. What made this one so difficult for me was that little
more then a year ago this friend came to visit me on my boat.
He came to see me because he and his wife decided to buy a
boat and cruise the Great Loop, and he was looking for a little
help finding a boat.
We found them a great boat. Sadly however, with his boat
fully equipped and ready to go, he decided to work another
One way or another, we’re all terminal folks. We’re all in the
sniper’s scope. We all have less time that we think.  For every
person that tells me, “We wish we were doing what you are
doing.”  They have no idea of how much I really wish they
were too.
I talk a-lot about living the dream and cruising the Great
Loop, or sailing off into the sunset. Some think I’m an idealist, I’
m not. I am just a frugal realist living my dream.
I’m not talking positive-thinking, "wish upon a star"
- I’m talking about NOT not burning your candle at both
ends, but burning it more brightly at one, while it is still lit.
Big Bad Baby Boomers Batman!
Boating Baby Boomers Retirement
We joke about 65 being the new 45. We
are young at heart, we have the passion for
travel and adventure, and we are armed to
the gunwales with an inventory of things to
do we’ve always dreamed about.  Deep
down, we know the clock is ticking and we’re
getting older.

Some travel because they have to. Some travel
because their career demands it. Soldiers travel
because they are ordered to, and Missionaries travel
because God calls them to do so.
For me, it was National Geographic’s coverage of
Robin Lee Graham’s “First teenager to sail around
the world alone” that became the most powerful
influence of all. These three issues of National
Geographic lit the flame, and fueled the fire that set
my passion for boating adventure a-blaze.
To this day, lured by the adventure of travel, I remain
caught in the web of the journey itself. I often think
how sad it is that today’s traveler will never experience
the freedom, romance and adventure of the journey.
Such powerful and potent motivation to me is the
journey, that seldom does the destination keep me in
one place for long. Sad it is for most Americans today,
that “the journey” has long been stripped of its
romance and adventure by the methods of modern
Now, everyone wants to travel through life at the
ever increasing speed. Today, the reality is that
almost half the world’s middle-class population is
perpetually on the move.  It takes 12 hours to fly from
San Francisco to Hong Kong. Where upon departure,
one joins a saturated world of displaced humanity.
Herded like cattle from one airport to another, making
scheduled stops on and off a tour bus to visit places
little remembered.   
The good news is, that there is still a much more
pleasant, carefree, romantic and adventuresome way
around the planet. America's Great Loop is just one
such an adventure.
If this website accomplishes its purpose… It will
inspire anew in you, an urge of eccentricity and
wanderlust, of romance and freedom, to experience
the joy and adventure of the journey itself.
It promises to be the most treasured and most talked
about adventure of your life-time.
People travel for many
America's Great Loop
It is not about the boat… it is about the journey,
the freedom, and the adventure.
Everybody needs a dream and a dream-
machine.  For me,  living on my boat while cruising
America’s Great Loop is the dream. My boat is the
Most anyone would never think of my boat as
anyone’s dream. It is small, inexpensive, and not
impressive, but it is mine.  It is simple, safe,
seaworthy, comfortable, and most importantly, paid
If you don't have a dream and a dream machine,
you need to get one. Otherwise, your dream
deficiency will cause your spirit to wither, and you
could die of mental malnutrition; but don't despair.
The dream factory is still open, and there are
plenty of dreams available that are just right for you.
All you need to do is start working on it. Work on it
every day, and do so with passion. When you start
meeting your minimum daily dream requirements,
your life starts getting better, and before long, you
realize what you've been missing.
Do it - while you still can.
For those of you over the age of 55, I cannot
encourage you enough to make this voyage now -
while you still can.
Fact is, we all like to think we will have our good health
forever - but deep down, we know that's not true. If
cruising America's Great Loop is on your Bucket List - it
is time you start an immediate plan to live this dream.
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