Tennessee River runs through Kentucky Lake
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     Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, provided of course, you can resist the temptation of it beckoning you
It begins near its eastern border with Georgia and then flows westward, before flowing northward back into Tennessee.
The largest lakes it traverses are Guntersville, Wheeler, Wilson and Pickwick.
As a Looper, if you are also an angler, sightseer or lover of history, you will want to take a side-trip along the full navigable
length of the Tennessee River, from Paducah to Chattanooga and Knoxville. (It is the Cumberland river that takes you to
This leg of your voyage is 215 miles. Pioneers (including Daniel Boone) referred to it as the Cherokee
River. Now, the Tennessee River is one of the most popular vacation spots in America. Its rich fascinating history includes
Cherokee Indians, early colonial pioneers, Revolutionary war heroes, and Civil War battles. Today, the Tennessee RIver
provides a magnificent variety of boat accessible concerts, festivals, museums, Historic Sites, Landmarks, resorts and

       It is also a great place to explore 'beyond the immediate horizon'. From Knoxville, you are just 1 hour's rental car
drive away from Gatlinburg and the highest Peak in the Great Smoky Mountains and National Park.
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Marinas on the
Tennessee - Tombigbee
Mile 22

Green Turtle Bay
Mile 25

Pebble Isle Marina
Mile 96

Birdsong Marina
Mile 103.5

Cuba Landing Marina
Mile 115.5

Clifton Marina
Mile 158.5

Grand Harbor Marina
Mile 440.7

Aqua Yacht Harbor
Mile 448.7

Bay Springs Marina
Mile 412

Midway on the Tenn-

Aberdeen Marina
Mile 358.2

Columbus Marina
Mile 334.7

Pirate’s Marina Cove
Mile 307.4

Demopolis Yacht Basin
Mile 216.7

Bobby’s Fish Camp
Mile 118.9
(251) 754-9225

Eastern Shore Marine,
Near marker 72
Tennessee -Tombigbee
route.  Soon to be 29 with
the opening of a new
Marina in Paducah.

= must stop, see & do
Tennessee River
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America's Great Loop
The Tennessee River runs through Kentucky Lake.
This shows one magnificent reason to cruise the Great Loop by the seasons!
You will arrive here in the colorful peak of Fall.
        If and when I mention something more than twice, there's a good reason. This time I'm going to mention
taking your time and cruising by the seasons. If you do, it will simply reward you with treasures untold, and I'm
not one to bury my treasures - I share them.
       In addition to the above, when you plan your voyage around the Loop, you should look beyond the
immediate horizon and the Tennessee River is one great example why. If you plan to cruise the Tennessee
River to Chattanooga and Knoxville, don't close your eyes to where you are. . .
       Fact is, at Knoxville you are just 1 hour away from one of the top attractions in the United States. The
Great Smoky Mountains. Now, I realize most of us boaters are not Mountain Climbers, but you don't have to be
a Mountain Climber to be awe struck at looking down at your tiny little boat from Clingmans Dome at 6,643 feet
up in the clouds - especially in the Fall.
       So, plan on cruising to Knoxville. When you get there, rent a car and only 40 miles away, about a 1 hour
drive, you will find yourself in Gatlinburg. Get yourself a room for two nights (at least two nights) at the Quality
Inn & Suites ($63.00 a night) for a great room with a fireplace and large unlimited hot showers and baths!
       From there, you are just a mile drive through downtown Gatlinburg (which is packed with exciting things to
do and see as well as wonderful restaurants), and drive through the Smoky Mountain National Park to
Clingmans Dome. I guarantee, this is more than worth your time and money. In fact, since I discovered it, 4
voyages ago, I've made it one of my 'for sure' don't miss repeat stops on the Great Loop.     
        You are not crossing an ocean here. .
. So don't over look all the wonderful
places you will cruise to or so near, you
may never be so close again.
       It is all part of what makes cruising
the Great Loop so amazing!
       On the Tennessee River, I strongly
suggest you don't miss Chattanooga,
Knoxville, or Gatlinburg and drive through
the Great Smoky Mountains.