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If you stay on the Great Loop route:  This leg of your voyage is only 33 miles. If
you want to take a wonderful detour to Nashville - it is only 192 beautiful miles on the
Cumberland River from the Ohio.
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:: The Cumberland River ::
The Cumberland River runs through Lake Barkley and Lake Cumberland.

Lake Barkley is the westernmost project in a series of dams along the Cumberland River and its tributaries. Lake
Barkley. The dam impounds the Cumberland River near Grand Rivers, Kentucky, approximately 38 miles up stream
from where the Cumberland empties into the Ohio River. One mile above the dam is a canal connecting Lake Barkley
with Kentucky Lake, forming one of the greatest freshwater recreational complexes in the USA. The lakes run parallel
courses for more than 50 miles with
Land Between the Lakes recreational area located between them. Lake
Barkley is 134 miles long with a shoreline measuring 1,004 miles. Lake Barkley provides a variety of outdoor
recreational opportunities for millions of visitors each year. Natural conditions at Lake Barkley make it possible for the
public to participate in activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, picnicking, and boating. In addition, there is
a Civil War Monument, historic relics, commercial marinas, public parks and wildlife refuges. The many species of
wildlife, including golden and bald eagles.  Boating on Lakes Barkley, Cumberland, and Kentucky will keep you
reaching for your camera to capture some exciting and beautiful photography opportunities.

Lake Cumberland is 63,000 acres that offers 1,255 miles of beautiful wooded shoreline.  The lake itself is 111
miles from one end to the other with countless coves, Cabins, Resorts, Golf, Hiking, Beaches, Fishing, Skiing,
Swimming, and Campsites along your way. Most have electric hookup, Showers, Restrooms, Drinking Water, Sanitary
Dump Stations, Picnic tables, and Charcoal grills.

There are also plenty of Marinas, places to fuel, a Visitor Information Center, and the   Jamestown Marina
offers a great restaurant!  And amoung our favorites, are  Cumberland Point, Mill Springs, Fishing Creek, Waitsboro,
Omega Recreational Area, Cave Creek Recreational Area, Echo Point, Pulaski County Park, Burnside Island,
Cumberland Falls State Park (home of the world famous "moon bow"), Rockcastle, Yahoo Falls, Buffalo Springs State
Park, Alem Ford, Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area (including trails and a train ride) and a Natural

Fishing includes Catfiish, Largemouth Bass, Rock Fish, White Bass, Crappie, Walleye, Blue Gill and related
bream. This is one of the best vacation lakes in the nation and is overwhelming in size. Most boaters tuck into a cove
for the night and may times have it to themselves. If you want to visit a lake in the Midwest, don't miss this one!  
Lake Barkley & Cumberland River
One unique features of Lake Barkley is the interconnecting canal between Lake Barkley on the Cumberland River and Kentucky Lake on the
Tennessee River. The Cumberland River entrance is approximately 2.2 river miles above Barkley Dam with the Tennessee River entrance located
about 2.9 miles upstream from Kentucky Dam. The canal, with a bottom width of 400 feet and a length of 1.75 miles, provides a navigable channel
for both commerce and recreation craft moving on the two waterways. Both reservoirs are operated as a unit for flood control and the production of
hydroelectric power.
THE LAND BETWEEN THE LAKES:  This is the land between
Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.
  It is well known as a water boating lover
playgrounds. The Lakes are large enough to accommodate all sizes and types of
pleasure craft.  The 184 mile Kentucky Lake is bordered on the east by
Between the Lakes
, one of Kentucky’s most visited attractions.  Inside this
170,000-acre play land you can live out any type of outdoor recreational activity
imaginable. Kentucky Lake is the largest man-made body of water east of the
Mississippi River and one of many of a chain of lakes in Kentucky and Tennessee
constructed by the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Army Corps of Engineers.
Looking for something to do indoors after too much fun in the sun? Grand Rivers on Kentucky Lake  is a great place to
galleries, history, entertainment, nightlife and the famous Historic Riverfront and Floodwall Murals.  Don't miss out on a trip downtown along
tree-lined streets and brick sidewalks past turn-of-the-century buildings filled with antiques & quilt shops, boutiques, coffee and specialty shops, as
well as several fantastic one-of-a-kind restaurants.
If you followed our advise, and left Chicago the first week in September, and if hot and spicy is your style or you prefer thick and sweet,
BBQ - for sure you want to be on the River in Paducah, Kentucky the last weekend in September, where there is live music, crafts, BBQ cook-offs,
and tons of mouthwatering food. Not to mention the Fall colors. . .
America's Great Loop
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Lake & the Tennessee River at the peak of Fall when all the leaves are changing. Sometimes we hit it just right. Sometimes we don't.
But it's worth the effort.