We have made every effort to provide you with everything you need to know  to make this voyage safely, confidently, comfortable
and affordable. On these pages,
you will discover exactly how YOU can make this voyage! It doesn't matter how big or small your boat and budget
might be.
Most any "safe boater" in a safe, seaworthy boat can make this voyage safely. You don't need a ton of experience, a big expensive
. You also don't need to be rich or famous. All you need is to be a good safe boater in a good safe boat, and savings or income to fund a realistic
and reasonable budget. Most of us are cruising the Loop in good used humble boats on realistic affordable budgets.
       We provide a large selection of various type and size boats with examples of fuel usage and 'boat related' expenses for each. For sure, we
believe, there is good safe suitable boat that fits most anyone's budget and boating philosophy.   
What exactly will you discover on this website?
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1.  We're not kidding ourselves here: It's free!
2.  It is educational, informative and inspirational.

3.  We are practical. . . We're not about "Panache and Yachting". We get our hands dirty. We are not only the Captain, we are the Deckhand, Chief
Cook & Handyman. We practice
the affordable and fun side of cruising. We cruise on affordable boats & budgets.
4.  We have the very most experience!  Our Founder, Capt John, has completed the Loop 9 times in 7 different boats; making his first voyage in
1971. He now has over
60,000 Great Loop miles under his keel. In addition, our elite group of "Super Loopers" have all "been there and done that" at
least twice. Together, we give you the experience of cruising the Loop
in both sail & power, single & twins, ranging in size from 25' to 48-feet. As a result,
we are able to give you the pros & cons on various type and size vessels as well as equipment and amenity options.
5.  "More fun than fuel" All of us at Super Loopers have adopted Capt. John's boating philosophy. We know from experience "more fun than fuel" is
what this voyage is really all about. Fact is, we have helped several Loopers save so much money, they were able to afford to cruise the Great Loop all
over again.  
America's Great Loop
-  America's Great Loop  -  From your Bucket List to Memory's Lane  -
- Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -
- Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -
- Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -
                                                         The story behind our "More Fun than Fuel" boating philosophy

      Years ago, after Capt. John completed his third voyage around America's Great Loop in a 42' twin engine Trawler. It was on this voyage he
determined that in order to keep cruising America's Great Loop and afford to enjoy being a tourist at all the incredible destinations along the way, he
would have to drastically reduce his boat related expenses. The result became his boating philosophy of "More Fun than Fuel".
       According to Capt. John,
"Burning very near 5 gallons of fuel an hour in a twin engine semi-displacement hull Trawler while cruising at a speed less
than 10 mph seemed crazy. It was on this voyage I realized there was absolutely no need for speed. Especially when one is only going to average about
50-miles a day during daylight regardless of the speed capability of my vessel. My feelings were that I would much rather spend that money having fun
ashore being a tourist, instead of pouring it all down my fuel tanks."   

       So, there you have it, and all of us here at Super Loopers agree. Having made this voyage twice, we are all in agreement that one simply can not
imagine in advance, the countless number of wonderfully tempting destinations where Loopers will want to stop, shop, stay and linger. Furthermore,
there are many Loopers that have made this voyage twice, simply because they were unable to see and do it all the first time around. While most 'future
Loopers' are concerned with having plenty of money to cover their fuel and boat related budget, many fall short when it comes to budgeting for all the
onshore activities and attractions such as eating out and being a tourist. Now, most of us following Capt. John's advice, spend more being a tourist than
we do on our "transportation & lodging" expenses - which includes fuel, marina overnight docking fees, canal fees, and all other boat related expenses.
       When cruising America's Great Loop, having an economical long-distance cruising boat allows us all to spend more money having fun at all the
wonderful destinations along the way. What's difficult for first time Loopers, is the realization of just how much there is to see and do when cruising the
Loop. Our suggestion? It is best to think of this voyage more like a 9-month or year long vacation, then it is a boat ride.
       Like any vacation, most of us don't have all the time or money to see and do everything. So, we've included all the best of the best places you will
not want to miss along the way. Additionally, we all have our likes & dislikes. We all have our own lilfestyles, comfort zones and budgets.
       Our bottom line is your bottom line. . . That's why we've made every effort to provide you with all the information you need to make a perfect choice
for a Great Loop boat that will take you around America's Great Loop safely, confidently, comfortably and, most importantly, on a realistic and affordable
budget that is right for you. It is your choice and you always have a choice!
"More Fun than Fuel"  or  "How do you want to spend your money?"

   This Website is dedicated to the thousands of
Loopers that have gone before us. . . These are the
elite adventurers that not only set a goal and achieved
it. . . But in doing so helped make this voyage the safe,
popular and dynamic adventure it is today. Without
their fast-growing numbers cruising the Great Loop, we
would not have all the exciting waterfront restaurants,
convenient marinas or boater friendly accommodations
along the way.
       As a result, the popularity of cruising America’s
Great Loop has created a legendary maritime
adventure for boaters from around the world.
       Today, with waterway improvements, new and
improved docks and greater Internet & WIFI coverage
over the waterways, ‘Looping’ has become the ultimate
maritime adventure.
       With your
AGLCA Membership, Loopers enjoy
discounts at most marinas all along the way. Even Boat
Dealers & Manufacturers are aggressively advertising
“Great Loop Boats” while Loopers and the Looping
Culture have been covered in USA today, NY times,
National TV Networks, and featured most every major
Nautical, Boating and Cruising Magazine in America.
 It is our sincere hope & desire that you can join
us on this epic voyage and amazing adventure.

. . . memories are made of this . . .
Cruising the 1000 Islands on America's Great Loop