America's Great Loop. . .
    It is first and foremost a SAFE boating
adventure any SAFE boater can make in a SAFE
suitable boat.
    It is a truly epic journey. Longer than the Nile, and
made possible by a series of connected safe,
continuous inland waterways that encompass the
eastern portion of North America. It includes the Gulf &
Atlantic Intracoastal Waterways, the Hudson River, the
Erie Canal, the Great Lakes, Inland Rivers of America's
Heartland; and the option of cruising Canada's
Heritage Canals.
For the pleasure boater, it offers over
5,600 miles of friendly, safe, scenic and sensational
cruising. In addition, it connects you with 24,000 miles
of navigable inland lakes and rivers for a total potential
of cruising more then 29,000 miles - the official
qualifying distance of a Global circumnavigation.
Unlike crossing the ocean, it is safe, close to
land, home, family and friends; as well as hospitals,
rental cars, airports, restaurants, tourist attractions
and entertainment. Seldom will you ever be without
cellphone service, Internet, WiFi or air digital TV.
Overall - It is the safest longest distance voyage
one can make on the entire planet! It is an epic
adventure worthy of your epic memoir; and the Great
News is, it is right here in our own backyards!
You will discover that America's Great Loop is beyond doubt the ultimate 'epic' boating adventure and you will also discover YOU can
do this!
It doesn't matter how big or small your boat and budget might be. Any "safe boater" in a safe, seaworthy boat can make this voyage safely,
comfortably, confidently and affordable. You don't need a ton of experience, a big expensive boat or a boat load of money. All you need is to be a good
safe boater, in a good safe seaworthy boat, and (we highly recommend) you have at least six months to a year to go cruising. Why? Because as
wonderful and amazing as this voyage is. . . It takes you to equally amazing destinations where you will want to stop and linger. This voyage, this
adventure is much - much more than just a boat ride. It is the experience and the adventure of a lifetime!
What exactly will you discover on this website?
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                                                                                    IT'S ALL FREE !!!
1.  We're not kidding ourselves here: It's free! It is absolutely totally free!
 It's "practical" boating. . .  We're not about "Panache and Yachting". While there is nothing wrong with that, (if you can afford it). We are mostly
about the practical affordable fun side of cruising. We will tell you how to cruise in safe, seaworthy, comfortable, practical boat with a realistic and
affordable budget.
 We have the best experience!  Capt John has completed nine Loops and has over 20 years and 60,000 Great Loop miles under his keel. He
has "been there and done that" in seven different boats both sail & power, ranging in size from 25' to 44' LOA. As a result, he is able to give you
impartial and practical pros & cons on various type and size vessels as well as all your best equipment options.
"More fun than fuel" That's Capt. John's boating philosophy. He is NOT about showing the world how far he's come, he is all about discovering
how far he can go.
Most importantly - he is here to help you discover how far you can go. Whether it be on a big or small boat with a big,
medium or small budget; Capt John gives you all the best route, boat and equipment options, along with boat size restrictions, fuel range
requirements and mileage for each leg of your voyage. And it is a voyage that promises to be the adventure of your lifetime!
America's Great Loop
- Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -
- Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -
- Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -
- Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -
- Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -
      This website is intended to be the most educational and informative "Great Loop cruising" website on the Internet. Our goal
is to inform, educate and motivate you to explore this wonderful boating adventure further. It is our sincere hopes to meet you cruising America's Great
Loop someday soon!
   Thousands have made this voyage safely and comfortably. For sure, as long as you are a safe boater in a safe suitable boat, this voyage has to be
much safer and a lot more fun than driving an RV down the highways. While everyone has their own likes, dislikes and opinions, this voyage is mostly a
matter of personal preferences along with your own boating philosophy, comfort zone, lifestyle and pocketbook. It really doesn't matter if your boat is
big or small, Power or Sail, or if it cost $13,000 or $313,000. . . As long as it is safe, suitable, seaworthy and comfortable - and fits well within your
budget, you can make this voyage the most cherished and memorable experience of your lifetime!
  Additionally, while we have and give our own opinions, it doesn't matter if your boat is 25 feet long and burns 1 gallon or less of fuel an hour, or if
your vessel is 50 feet long and burns 25 gallons of fuel an hour. It is all a matter of personal choice.
It is your choice! We are here to give you "ALL"
your options. . .
  If one makes this voyage by the recommended best boating weather in each region, one is most likely to spend the best part of a year on this
adventure. In doing so, one has time to visit all the wonderful "onshore" destinations, while avoiding hurricanes and bad weather. Cruising and living on
your boat
comfortably therefore becomes a critical component to your fun and safety along the way. Your boat should fit you like your favorite pair of
shoes! Not too big, not too small. It must be a perfect match for "you and your 1st Mate" if you have one.
  In the process,
your current existing lifestyle, comfort zone will be (and should be) the single most influential consideration regarding your
choice of boat and budget in how you make this incredible voyage.
"boating philosophy" is "More Fun than Fuel". As a result, I spend a lot more money on "shore excursions and eating out" than I do in "boat,
fuel, marina & boat expenses". While some will cruise the Loop in big expensive boats with all the bells & whistles and latest gadgets and spend  
$25,000 (or more) in fuel - I cruise the Loop burning $2,500 in fuel and spend the difference having fun. It's not that one is right and one is wrong - it is
just that one is right for me and another will be right for you!  My boating philosophy of "More Fun than Fuel"
has nothing to do with not having enough
 It simply has everything to do with how one chooses to spend their money.
                                                         So come on in. . . Let this be the start of your own amazing adventure!     
Cruising by the Statue of Liberty in your own boat. . . Wow!