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Who should buy this book?     (This Website has 50 pages. The Book has 300 pages!)
The Devil is in the Details. . . And that's what you get with this book! While this website has 50 pages and
lots of big pictures, the book has over 300 pages. I
t contains all the details and is the perfect choice for those
desiring the very most information on how to make the safest, enjoyable, most affordable and 'smart' boating
choices for cruising the Loop. It gives all the essential information you need to choose and equip your vessel
for cruising the Loop. You get the best routes and route options, and over 100 of the most essential cruising
tips & money saving suggestions - many of which will save you thousands of dollars. You get the run down on
best equipment, what works, what doesn't, what you need and what you
don't, as well as a complete
comparison on expenses to determine what this voyage might cost you. This book also gives answers to the
120 most
important FAQs about cruising the Loop and includes a great section on "I wish someone had told me
that" for the first time Looper. It all comes with a "Loopers" Glossary of terms.
This is the #1 BEST SELLING
'Great Loop' book in the Nautical Market.
                               Awarded 2016 #1 BEST SELLER IN THE NAUTICAL MARKET
 Awarded 2016 BOOK of the YEAR   
Who should buy this book?
This book is for the more experienced boater that is simply new to America's Great Loop. Whether
you have (or will have) a big, medium or small boat and budget, this contains all you need to cruise
the Great Loop safely, comfortably, confidently.
This book answers over 120 most essential frequently asked questions regarding the Loop and  
provides over 100 valuable cruising the Loop Tips & money saving suggestions. It includes
provisioning your boat with all the recommended and required equipment choices. It also will help
you save tons of money and gives you the run down on how you can best determine your budget for
cruising the Loop.
What's different about this book? What made it a best seller?
This is NOT a "Looper's Blog". This is NOT about the author's 1st Mate, dog, mother-in-law or his trials and
tribulations cruising the Loop. This is strictly a "how to" for cruising the Great Loop.
There's good reasons why
this has been on the Best Seller list the past 3 years in a row. It's packed with "practical" information you will want
and need.
Who should buy this book?
  Almost no one, (just being honest). Everything in this book is also in the two books above. So don't buy
this if you are buying one of the above.
  This book only contains the VERY BASIC facts. You get the TOP 100 FAQs along with 100 of the most
essential tips and suggestions. That's it! It is great information for those that are already familiar with boats,
boating and living aboard. It is just the basic facts you need to know about cruising America's Great Loop -
nothing more! It assumes you are an experienced safe boater in a safe boat.
It was put together strictly for those with lots of basic questions about cruising the Loop.
If you don't have a Kindle or Notebook, etc., you can buy the paperback book, for which we have the lowest
price possible. However, it is still better and cheaper for your Kindle or mobile device.
FYI - 72% of those buying this book, end up returning to buy "Once Around Is Not Enough". This is great for an
afternoon read, but it may leave you hungry for more. It's only $4.99 on Kindle.
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Friends. . .
I cannot encourage you enough to cruise
America's Great Loop
as soon as you possibly can.
Do it while you still have your good health!
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