Capt. John is eager to tell everyone to learn all you can about
the Great Loop. "Buy everyone's books" he says, and "learn all
you can".
 But. . . If you are like most of us, you don't want to buy
everyone's books. You only want one and it needs to be the  best.
 I know now, that best book is Capt. John's "The Looper's
Companion Guide". Fact is, when I saw it, I was simply taken back
by the cover.
    The first thing to catch you eye is the cover, or maybe, the
size, or both. When you thumb through the pages, there are
100-full color maps and photos that jump right out and grab your
attention. Next thing you know, you're totally engrossed in reading
it and can't put it down.
    For an 'instructional' book, that's very rare indeed.
    Capt. John refers to America's Great Loop as a boater's
'Bucket List' adventure. He sold my wife and I on the voyage with
the pictures. The pictures sold us on reading it, and reading it sold
us on cruising it.  
    When the wife sent me on an errand to the store, I returned
only to find her engaged in the book. It was hours before she let it
out of her hands. When she did, the first thing she said was;
"When are we going to do this?"
     As a husband, I was shocked. As a publisher, I was suddenly
involved. Never in 42-year career have I seen any book, especially
an instructional book, so compelling as this.
     If you're dreaming of cruising the Great Loop and the only
thing holding you back is a reluctant spouse, the first peak inside
"The Looper's Companion Guide" will be the cure for reluctance.
James A Peoples,
Anchor Publishing
"The Looper's Companion Guide"
- Capt. John - The Looper's Companion Guide -
ANCHOR PUBLISHING announces the 2019 release of
Capt. John's
"The Looper's Companion Guide"

"Without question, Capt. John's latest is his greatest."
Introductory Offer
is $69.95
      But, let's talk about Capt. John for a moment. Now that I realize he is about to attain at least a small amount of notoriety. Since he first
came to us in 1991, we weren't all that interested in publishing his book about voyaging around in America on what he called a frugal
budget. Sorry, but that sounded about as interesting as watching the grass grow, and I told him so.
    In 2012, like a headache that would go away, Capt. John returned with a manuscript entitled "America's Great Loop & Beyond". Not sure
why we took it on, but by the end of 2013 it barely squeaked past the 1,000 copy mark, which in this genre is enough to obtain a spot on
our Best Seller List. Very marginal sales, but enough.
    In 2013, the headache returned again. This time with "Island Hopping the Caribbean". This turned out to be a re-written version of the
original manuscript we rejected in 1991. However, because of the marginal success with "America's Great Loop & Beyond" we published it
not expecting a dime in return. Surprisingly, it too hit the magic thousand mark.
    Then, in 2016 Capt. John's "Once Around Is Not Enough" was a non-fiction genre miracle. It was, and continues to be, wildly successful.
By "wildly", don't take me wrong. No publisher or writer in the tiny non-fiction genre of the Nautical market gets rich. In fact, most publishers
won't even deal with it, simply because the entire market is so small. To make the New York's Best Selling List in Fiction, a book needs to
sell 100,000 copies in one month. In the non-fiction genre of the Nautical market, a book needs to sell 1,000 copies in a year. In this tiny
market, "wildly successful" means the book sold just enough copies to give the writer the illusion he or she might just be able to make a
living at this, but, they never will. The market just isn't big enough.
    However, "Once Around Is Not Enough" sold over 5,000 copies and continues to sell at a brisk pace. This was enough to earn Capt.
John the "2016 & 2017 Author of the Year" and gave him three Best Sellers.
    Now, at the very end of 2018, he hits us up with "The Looper's Companion Guide". Quite honestly, at first, while we agreed, I wasn't all
that excited about it. That changed however when I arrived home after running errands only to find my wife engaged in Capt. John's book.
About two hours later, she emerged from the book and asked, "When are we going?". That's the moment I knew, Capt. John had a real
winner with this one.
     What ever amount of success "The Looper's Companion Guide" attains, Capt. John will still be practicing what he preaches. That being,
cruising on a frugal budget. I know that because I know that any profits from his books all go to a favorite charity of his, "Sailing Toward
Sobriety" which is a Veteran's Drug & Alcohol Christian based Rehabilitation Program, which for several years now, has included a free
adventure around America's Great Loop for all those that maintain their sobriety through the yearlong completion of the program.
     So, fact of the matter is, Capt. John himself, may indeed be the Looper's best companion.