America's Great Loop
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When it comes to cruising America's Great Loop, don't leave the dock without the appropriate Skipper Bob
 I only buy and use the "anchorage" publications but you will probably want additional ones. At last
print, all but one of Skipper Bob publications were still under $20. Absolutely, your best bang for the buck for
anchorage locations.
                                         DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT !!!
Towing & Rescue Insurance  -  Most likely if you need it, it won't just save you a few hundred, it will save you a few  
thou$and. It may in fact save your entire vessel and everything on it and in it.
Note: When it comes to rescue, the Coast Guards' mission is to save lives, not boats. When they respond to a rescue,
if the situation is bad enough, they take you off your vessel and leave your boat behind. BoatUS together with SeaTow may
then become the only option you have to rescue or recover your boat.     
Both and offer on line NASBLA approved Boating Safety Courses. Most States
(if not all) along your Great Loop route require a boater to possess a Boating Education Certificate as proof of having
completed the course. The NASBLA approved courses are accepted in Canada.
The Trent site is a great source all the information you need to know about cruising Canada's
waterways and is a great source of information on boating the Trent Severn Waterway.
Great site.  If you are thinking of cruising Canada, (and you should be), this will probably put Canada on your trip  
planning route permanently.  What a wonder experience this is.  
Guys - Whatever you think is floating your boat when you have a female 1st Mate, for sure, it takes
more than just water. Cruising America's Great Loop requires living on a boat, and if you're thinking
this voyage is just a boat ride, you best expand your horizons and start thinking about the needs and
wants of your woman.
While this is a dream come true for many, I'm telling you, most men have no clue that their dream can
be her nightmare. Here are the ways to prevent that from happening!
Here's how to make sure this voyage means everything to her as it will for you!
You read this first. Then let her read it!
Click here, it is: >Keeping your 1st Mate Happy< cruising the Great Loop with a female!
This is it folks. . . Of course, the USCG has a lot of websites serving a lot of different
This link is for "Loopers". It provides links and resources for just about
anything you want to know regarding USCG services to boaters. Includes information
about GPS, AIS, and much, much more. It's Great information and lots of it.
Canada welcomes Americans arriving by boat as they always have - but there are different rules you need to
know in advance. Pat's Boating in Canada, tells you all about the laws, and gives you a heads up on all the
documents you might need to be aware of.
Got the Dream? Get the Book!
What else can we say? It has been the #1 BEST SELLING BOOK in the  
Nautical Market for 3 years.
As a result, we are so convinced this book is
the most essential, informative and complete book about cruising America's
Great Loop -
We are offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
This website (for example) contains 50 pages. The book contains 300 pages.  
If you are "serious" about cruising America's Great Loop. This is the book for
cruising the Loop safely, comfortably and confidently and affordable!
  It answers over 100 of the most important FAQs about cruising the Loop. It
provides dozens of valuable cruising tips & big money saving suggestions. It
features 50 topics on "I wish someone had told me that".  And of course, it
covers the entire Great Loop route, as well as all the best route, boat and
equipment options. It is to the point, clearly written and easy to read. Buy it,
try it, and if you don't agree, there is a !00% money back guarantee on the
last page.
If your goal is to loose weight, join Weight Watchers. If your goal is to cruise the Loop, join the AGLCA.  There is no
better way to stay “in the Loop” than this.
If birds of a feather flock together, the AGLCA is the Loopers nesting
place.  Join it. . .   You'll be glad you did!
      FOR FUTURE LOOPERS - "if you know you are going to cruise the Loop someday" this is the place to be!
We love
the people that at AGLCA and its Members. They are a wonderful group of people interested and dedicated to keeping
Members informed, educated and motivated. I'm a member! You should be too!  Click on their logo & check 'em out.
                                                     Be sure to tell them Capt. John sent you!
Great Loop - Great Links
From boating classes, to boats for sale. . . You can find just about anything you want or
need at this place. . . They train & certify Marine Surveyors and offer all kinds of Maritime
education courses. They also have vessels for sail, sale, and sell. They have powerboats
for sale too.
I am a firm believer the key to your total enjoyment cruising the Great Loop is
#1. owning a fuel efficient vessel, and #2. your ability to operate your vessel with
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2016 BOOK of the YEAR - America's Great Loop
- Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -                                                                      - Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -
Great Loop 2016 BOOK of the YEAR
The Great Loop
America's Great Loop is an amazing attainable and affordable adventure! However, it is only
affordable if you need and want it to be. This site concentrates on the more "affordable" options
of cruising the Loop. A good site with lots of pictures taken while cruising the Loop.
Anchor Publishing's Great Loop Books & reviews. This link provides information on
the 2016 Book of the Year and highlights Capt. John's "Once Around Is Not Enough" with
information about the book and it's author.
It is a fact filled site with lots of great "Great Loop" photos. Recommended if you are in
search of more information about cruising America's Great Loop.
"Sailing Toward Sobriety" is a Christian Ministry whose mission is to help those that want help in
their struggle with Drug & Alcohol Addition. The organization is funded by the John C. & Susan E. Wright
Foundation. All services are 100% free to participants who complete their Detox and remain Drug Free for
the duration of their Christian based rehabilitation program. Participants are then given the opportunity to
take a supervised cruise around America's Great Loop without the possibility of obtaining Drugs or Alcohol.
Proceeds from the sale of Capt. John's books go to fund the organization.
Your Great Loop Voyage
The Great Loop Voyage and the website IS FUN, SAFE, AFFORDABLE AND
AMAZING. This is one of our highest recommended sites. It is short, to the point and informative! Lots of great
information and lots of great pictures too.
The Great Loop
The Great Loop Voyage
Capt. John's Boating on a Budget
Great Loop - The Frugal Voyager
What floats your boat?
Is it money?
It's all about long distance cruising on a frugal boat
and budget. This is not about "no money", this site is
about "smart money". It is about "more fun than fuel".
It is about being a safe, smart and practical boater!  
It doesn't have to be!
   Boats & Budgets come in more varieties than ice cream.
If you think $50 a day
(not including any Boat payments of course) for all your boat, fuel and boat
related expenses while living aboard and cruising thousands of miles sounds cheap - It's
not! It is simply being smart about how you choose to spend your money.
Give 3 boaters $100,000 each:  One will buy a $100,000 boat and have no money to go
cruising. Another will buy a $50,000 boat and have $50,000 left to go cruising. The other will
buy a $20,000 boat, stay out longer and have more fun than the other two.
This site is for
those that dream of the voyage and not the boat.  
   Cruising America's Great Loop is much like voyaging through the valley of
 It is the Garden of Eden and there's that Apple tree at every stop and destination.
It is I try to stress the need for a frugal boat. Seriously, Unless you 'literally' have money to burn,
this voyage can easily cost you a bundle "off your boat". In my case, I easily spend 4 times more
on land "being a tourist" than I do on "ALL" my boat, fuel and boat related expenses.
If I were cruising the Loop in my "dream boat" I would not be able to afford all the things I stop,
see and do on land. Make sure you leave enough money in your cruising kitty to have fun!  
Who said HISTORY has to be boring?  Not me!  This is a fun page full of fun & learning
pages covering 100 years of
America's Riverboat History and the related things going on either as
a result of it, or going on around it.

For example: What was Mark Twain's connection to the Titanic?
What does Coca Cola, Lady Liberty and Geronimo have in common?
What was the real reason for the saying "Go West young Man. Go West!"
What did Abe Lincoln have to do with the Cruising the Loop?
In 1859 Congress approved a $600,000 Grant - For what?
This site includes America's Great Loop & the Caribbean!
If you are seriously serious
about cruising America's Great Loop

1. GET Capt. John's "Once Around Is Not Enough"

2. Join America's Great Loop Cruising Association - AGLCA
Believe it or not, this is one of the most active Boating Forums on the Internet. It's not just a good one, it is a very active great one.
It is where old, new and future Loopers share information, ask questions, get answers - and meet other Loopers.