Cruising the Trent Severn Waterway
America's Great Loop
Blue Whales on America's Great Loop
Capt. John's Cruising Canada on America's Great Loop
Both the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Erie Canal are the tallest water staircases west of China. The Locks will raise your boat 552
feet from sea level to Lake Erie. Or is you wish, you can take the Trent-Severn Waterway to Lake Huron.

    The St Lawrence Seaway Locks
    The locks raise your boat to a height equal to a 60-story high rise building.  Each lock is 766 feet in length, 80 feet wide, and 30 feet deep.
    Each lock fills with approximately 24 million gallons of water in just 7 to 10  minutes. Getting through a lock normally takes about 45 minutes.

During the boating season, more than 2,000 US pleasure craft pass through the St. Lawrence Seaway.  US pleasure craft are welcome, but they
must be at least 20 ft. in length and weigh over one ton. There are special docks and tie-up areas along the seaway for pleasure boaters, equipped
with telephones, and Seaway staff will help with the tie-up in the lock chambers.
Getting there is half the fun . . . If you have the time, cruising Canada is certainly worth your time. While
you will miss at least the majority of the Erie Canal, what lies ahead of you in Canada is one of the most
wonderful scenic inland cruising and on shore experiences in the world.
Loopers voyaging in a counter-clockwise direction (which most do) that wish to cruise Canada, have 2 (two) popular routes to
reach Canada and the Canadian Heritage Canals.

    1. You can take the Hudson River to the ERIE Canal, and cruise down the Erie Canal, to the Oswego Canal and into Lake Ontario. This route
    will take you across Lake Ontario to Kingston, Ontario either directly or with a variety of scenic courses that can take one day or several days,
    depending upon your sightseeing choices.  From Kingston, you will head a short distance west to Trenton and enter the Trent-Severn
    2. You can also choose to bypass the Erie Canal altogether, and take the Hudson River north to enter the Lake Champlain route. This route will
    take you north to the St. Lawrence Seaway where just 60 miles beyond Quebec City you will find the 5th most popular Blue Whale watching spot
    in the World.

    From either route you choose, you can detour through the Thousand Islands (which we highly recommend) as well as give you the opportunity to to
cuise both the Trent-Severn Waterway, which crosses through the Trenton River, Kawartha Lakes, Lake Simcoe and the Severn River, for a total
distance of about 240 miles - and the Rideau Waterway which links Ottawa to Kingston and offers a fantastic 125 mile journey.  Or you can visit
Toronto on Lake Ontario, and then continue your cruise on to Lake Erie via Canada's Welland Canal - which will allow you to enter Lake Erie,
southeast of Buffalo and the Niagara River.
When cruising Canada
you get to see Mt. Rushmore
from the Canadian side!
I love Toronto. It is one of those
places (like Boston) I could just eat my
way through. Fantastic seafood,
Oriental restaurants, street markets,
and their own 'China Town'.
The Royal Ontario Museum is the
largest and best I've ever seen, and
definitely worth spending a day (if not
two). Toronto's culinary scene is one of
the best in the country. And there is
plenty of it withing walking distance of
the Down Town Municipal Marina.
It is certainly worth a few nights stay, a
long weekend or even a week. Check it
out. . .  You will be glad you did.  
When are you entering Canada and when are you not?
In many ways it is much simpler entering Canada then re-entering the U.S, but you don't have to re-enter the US if you never officially entered
The primary thing you should remember is that in Canada; simply entering Canadian territorial waters from foreign waters is enough to require
reporting to the CBSA. To quote the CBSA:
"Arrival in Canada occurs when the pleasure craft crosses the international boundary into Canadian
However there is an exception to this rule: For those vessels transiting directly from one US point or port to another US point or port outside of
Canada.  These vessels in transit do not have to report.  However, "
the vessel movement must be continuous, uninterrupted, and without delays or
Cruising Canada  
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No!  You DO NOT have to go to sea
to see whales - lots of whales!
If your plans include cruising
Canada on your voyage around the
Great Loop (and it should). Then a
visit up the St. Lawrence river just
a two or three day run - will reward
you with one of the most awesome,
jaw dropping experiences of your
entire journey.
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Cruising Canada's North Channel
Cruising Canada's North Channel
The Trent-Severn Waterway 'begins' at the Bay of Quinte on eastern Lake Ontario and extends in a
north westerly direction to Port Severn where the Severn River flows into Georgian Bay. Loopers can
travel from any point along the system to each of the connected great lakes and beyond. For those of
us fortunate cruise this wonderful, it opens up access to virtually endless attractions, museums, and
The overall length of the system is 240 miles and features 44 locks, including the first and second
highest lift locks on the world, 2 flight locks and one marine railway. The Waterway is made up of a
number of interconnected lakes, rivers, canals and cuts. Since many of these waters are at varying
elevations, the locks were built to allow you & I to transit the system from end to end. In fact, boats
transiting from Lake Ontario are raised 596 feet to the summit at Balsam Lake and then decent 262
feet down to Georgian Bay.
How popular is the Treat_Severn Waterway?  Glad you ask! While multiple boats can enter a single
Lock at a time, nearly 100,000 Lockages were made last year. Consider the Waterway is closed for
winter from November to May, that will give you an idea of just how popular boating this waterway is.
Here, you will find locals in their own boats as well as vacationers from all over the country renting
canoes, kayaks, pontoon boats and Houseboats to cruise the beautiful Trent-Severn.                                                                      - Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -