Saguenay Fjord - Where the Blue Whales are!
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Cruising Canada on America's Great Loop
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Life after all, is God's gift. . . .  Make sure you Unwrap it!

You are at the helm.
 That's right. You are already at the helm on the ship of life. Your mind is
literally your steering wheel. Every time you put in a thought, you steer in that
direction. Cruising Canada on North America's Great Loop is a great
direction to steer towards!
 The wheel of change always turns in the direction of your thoughts. That's
why your thoughts are so important; they determine the course of your life as
well as your vessel.
 Dreams really do come true. On average, two people a day everyday are
making this dream of cruising the Great Loop come true. Everyday, some
very ordinary person with this extraordinary dream and a passionate
determination is making this dream come true for them.
 A passionate purpose, a positive attitude, an unstoppable persistence
allows anyone to make it happen.
 It's a lot of work to live your dream, but that doesn't matter, because when
you are chasing your dream, your life is filled with a passionate purpose and
passion is what energizes and excites your life.
 Regardless of your age, when you are living your dream, your life is much
like that little pink Energizer bunny. . . You life just keeps going and going
and getting better and better, and better.
  Before long you will realize that the richness of life is not earned by burning
your candle at both ends. Instead, it is freely given if you just let your candle
burn more brightly at one.
  Truly, life is God's gift. Question is, "Have you unwrapped it?"
  Cruising America's Great Loop is an epic adventure. It is one that will
change your life for the better. It is one that deserves your epic memoirs. For
sure it is your opportunity to write the greatest Chapter in your life's story.
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You are at the helm!                                                                      - Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -
- Once Around Is Not Enough -
America's Great Loop
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- Cruising America's Great Loop -
- Cruising America's Great Loop -
Saguenay River - Saguenay Fjord
This is where the Blue Whales are on America's Great Loop!
It is just 60 miles from Quebec City on the St. Lawrence Seaway.
This location is
 "RATED 5TH IN THE WORLD"  for seeing Blue Whales.
2016 Book of the Year for cruising America's Great Loop
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