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This is where over 4 million visitors discovered the most complete information
about how to plan, prepare & cruise  America's Great Loop
safely, confidently, comfortably & affordably.
   Our website went live on-line in 1993. Now, 25-years later, we are
the oldest, largest and most popular "How to & What to expect - Great
Loop Website"
on the Internet. Our motivation from the very beginning has
always been simply to "
spread the word" about this "epic" adventure.

    How epic is this Amazing adventure?  Depending on your route and
detour options,
America's Great Loop takes the average Looper between
480 to 6,400-miles. Even the shortest route is 2,000-plus miles farther than
the Amazon or Nile
. The Great Loop is also 3,000-miles longer than Europe’s
most famous Blue Danube.
    If you add cruising the optional Canadian Heritage Canals to you Great
Loop journey, you would have to cruise all of the UK’s navigable canals 3
times to equal the distance of your voyage around America's Great Loop.
    So, when we say cruising America’s Great Loop is the safest, longest,  
continually navigable inland waterway in the world – this epic adventure is
2,000-miles longer than the next runner up.
    Additionally, America's Great Loop can take you as near the frozen Tundra
of the Arctic as it can the Tropics of the Equator. From Miami to Mackinac
Island, from New Orleans French Quarter to Canada's French Quebec and
from inside the Atlantic's Outer Banks to the Mississippi River - you can cruise
it all - without every facing the perils of a wide open sea - and without ever
having to make a U-turn. . .
    Now, how amazing is that?
Just click on the NEXT button to start your adventure.
Prepare yourself for an 'epic'  boating adventure. . . That inspires!
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America's Great Loop
America's Great Loop
,     ,
      It's true. . . No one gives you America's Great Loop as accurately or completely as we do.
    Whatever you’re looking for, hoping to learn, wishing to find or in search of regarding this amazing adventure - we have made every effort to provide
it. We give you information and suggestions on all the best suitable boats, equipment and amenities including what each might cost you. We cover the
main routes as well as all the most popular route options, detours, side trips and incredible destinations.
    From boat & boat related expenses including fuel usage, Marina fees, Canal fees, Mooring fees, fishing licenses, and Passports, we give you
everything you need to determine a realistic and reasonable budget for your voyage around America's Great Loop. Fact is, this is where you will find
important answers to questions you haven't even thought of asking yet.
    This is the Boater's Bucket List adventure - the ultimate freedom cruise - and the supreme memory maker.  
Our motivation is driven by our passion for boating and seeing America. So strong it is, we believe everyone should experience this amazing
adventure. This voyage presents stunning real-life images and countless memorable destinations. You will cruise through all the most defining moments
and locations of America’s history. From spacious skies to purple mountains majesties, and from fruited plains to big and lively cities, notable small towns
and quaint little fishing villages. . . You will be awe struck by the number of tempting places offering scrumptious regional foods, unique shopping and
charming waterfront attractions. Every day on the Loop starts with great expectations and ends with eager anticipation of what the next day brings. If
cruising America’s Great Loop is anything, it is indeed a melting pot of friendly, adventurous, desirable and delicious unexpected daily delights.
    And the very best part of it is. . . Any safe boater in a safe suitable boat can make this voyage safely, confidently, comfortably and on an affordable
boat & budget.  
We give you America's Great Loop like no one else does or can!
  Dr. Seuss once said, “You will never know the value of a moment - until it becomes a memory.”
   That statement was never so meaningful in my life until after my first voyage around the Loop. Cruising the Loop simply
overloaded my treasure chest of unforgettable memories. For sure, now with multiple Loops under my keel, “my cup runneth over”
Psalms 23: 5. I have never been so blessed as this, and I know you will be blessed as well.
If you love the water, boats & boating, this voyage begins with doing what melts your butter and it will end with writing the
Greatest Chapter of
your Life’s story. So my strongest, most fervent suggestion is: Make this journey yours and make it while you
still have your good health. It’s time to start putting this epic adventure right where it belongs.
. . . Off your bucket list and down your memory’s lane.
Our Interactive Great Loop Map
shows you the entire Great loop route,
route options, anchorages, marinas,

You can enlarge it and zoom in far enough
to see the boats in the Marinas.
    We are NOT a "look at us and see what we have done" blog or website.
Instead, we are
totally about how YOU can cruise America's Great Loop.
    Our motivation is to get you in your boat and cruising America's Great Loop.
To accomplish that, this is NOT a "show & tell" about our adventures around the
Great Loop. It is instead, all about providing you with all the information you need
to make this journey yourself.  
    Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary elements you need to make
this voyage safely, confidently, comfortably and affordable. We have made every
effort to bring you all the information you need to plan, prepare and make this
voyage the most wonderful experience of your lifetime.
   As a result, we guarantee you won't find more complete or more important  
information anywhere about "How to plan, prepare, budget and cruise America's
Great Loop.
What is the difference between us and others?
Capt. John
America's Great Loop - From Bucket List to Memory's Lane